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About Health Bubble was founded in an effort to create a resource with constructive information and education by healthprofessionals that the public can use to implement healthy changes in their lives. A collective team of health experts and health journalists deliver news and information over a spectrum of issues, diseases, and trends.

When you need to know the facts about a new diagnosis or management of an existing health issue, breaks down dozens of diseases and health conditions in layman's terms you can actually understand and put to work for you. An educated patient is a more empowered patient, and our expert team has sourced the vital information you need to be a better advocate for your own health.

Every article in our blog and disease profile center on the site has been researched, written, and/or reviewed by credentialed health experts.

Meet Our Team

Brandi Koskie - Managing Editor

Brandi drives the direction and voice for, overseeing a team of health experts and health-focused contributors. With a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma, and more than six years' experience as the director of publishing at, Brandi is a respected authority in health and wellness publishing online.

Dr. Sarah G. Khan - Pharmacist, Diabetes Specialist

Dr. Sarah Khan is a retail pharmacist who has developed close relationships with her patients and has invested herself in their lives. Dr. Khan graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy in 2007 and feels her strongest area of expertise is in diabetes management.

Brooke Randolph, LMHC - Mental Health Therapist

Brooke Randolph is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She practices in Indiana, working with both adults and children as a personal therapist, life coach and educator. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Anderson University and a master's degree in community counseling from Ball State University. Her wide breadth of experience includes working with patients on eating disorders in pre-teens/teens, adoption preparation, disaster-related health therapy, stress management, among other professional services.

Mary Hartley, RD, MPH - Registered Dietitian

Mary Hartley has practiced as a registered dietitian and leader in the nutrition field for decades, working in HMOs, clinics, medical practices, teaching hospitals, and universities. She's committed her life to helping people of all ages benefit from nutritional therapy. Additionally, Mary has recorded more than 20,000 visits with patients. She holds a bachelor's of science degree in food and nutritional science from the University of Rhode Island, and a master's of public health from the University of Minnesota. She completed her clinical dietetics internship at the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston.

Dani Stone - Staff Writer

Dani Stone is a health journalist whose background includes working in the field of medical transcription where she took several medical courses, learning seminars, and developed a great respect for the doctors, surgeons and specialists she worked alongside every day. Dani now uses her background to write about health and fitness online. She's the primary contributor at and has worked as a ghost writer for a prominent New York plastic surgeon, contributing to leading national publications.

What is Health Bubble?
Health Bubble is a health information site that depends on its users to curate the best resource directory on the web.