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Osteoporosis Resources

Osteoporosis Resources

Since osteoporosis affects so many people, there are a variety of resources that provide informational as well as supportive services for those with or at risk for this disease. Reputable organizations like the National Osteoporosis Foundation can help provide specific information to your questions and concerns. In addition, your medical doctor can help customize a risk reduction plan for you. You can also work with a registered dietician to create a bone-strengthening diet and a personal trainer to develop a weight-bearing exercise routine to strengthen bones and reduce risk of fracture.

Here are a few major resources for people with Osteoporosis:

National Osteoporosis Foundation helps improve the lives of those affected by osteoporosis and to find a cure through programs of awareness, advocacy, public and health professional education and research.

National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases Health Resource Center provides patients, health professionals, and the public with an important link to resources and information on metabolic bone diseases.

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