Who can resist those brown eyes when your dog is staring up at your waiting for the smallest bit of food to hit the floor. It’s hard to resist giving your dog a few scraps while you’re eating. Can just a small piece of human food really hurt your dog? The answer is, possibly yes.

Here are a list of foods that can be dangerous to your dogs health:

  1. Avocado – contains persin, which is toxic to dogs
  2. Alcohol – do you really want a drunk dog?
  3. Onions – can destroy a dogs red blood cells
  4. Garlic – can destroy red blood cells and give stinky breath for days
  5. Coffee – dogs are hyper enough, caffeine can be fatal in large dosages
  6. Tea – there is no antidote for caffeine overdoses
  7. Any other caffeine
  8. Grapes – can cause kidney failure
  9. Raisins – dog can become lethargic and depressed
  10. Milk – can cause diarhea
  11. Dairy – can cause food allergies to set up
  12. Ice Cream – we know you see it on tv all the time, but don’t do it
  13. Macadamia Nuts – only six raw nuts can be fatal to a dog
  14. Candy & Gum – sweetener Xylitol can cause blood sugar to drop and be fatal
  15.  Toothpaste – can cause liver failure
  16. Chocolate – contains theobromine even in white chocolate, causes seizures
  17. Peaches & Plums – the pits contain cyanides which is poisonous
  18. Sugary foods – can lead to obesity, just like humans
  19. Yeast dough – causes severe pain when bread swells inside the stomach
  20. Human medicine – keep your medicines away from dogs
  21. Kitchen spices – most baking items and spices are toxic to dogs

A lot of health specialists say not to give your dog raw meat such as salmon or raw beef. If you’re dog is not used to the raw food, then it can upset their stomach. Also, there’s also the risk of bacteria. Personally, I have given my dog raw treats over the past 7 years and he takes it well. Do it at your own discretion.

Some of the foods that dogs can eat as a tasty treat include: fresh apple, orange, banana and watermelon slices, vegetables, cooked lean meats, rice & pasta.

Hope this list helps you narrow down what your dog can and cannot eat. Doing this can lead your