If Ann Romney becomes first lady, she’s already decided which issues she would fight for most: Breast cancer and multiple sclerosis – two diseases she has a deep connection with since she’s battled them both herself. 

Romney’s battle with MS started in 1998 when she received her diagnosis. Since then she’s been an advocate for mixing alternative therapies with traditional medicines as an optimum treatment plan.

Romney’s bout with breast cancer began in 2008. She underwent a lumpectomy as a result of the disease, which is now in full remission.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday, Romney said, “I will make sure that there’s more awareness for both of these diseases.” In addition, she also promises to take the side of at-risk children. She’s worked with at-risk youth a lot in her life and feels she would bring a new perspective and level of compassion to this important issue.

“There are so many kids in this country right now that are getting left behind,” she said. “We have to let all of them know they are special, they’re loved and they’re unique.” 

Amidst a rigorous campaign effort, Romney has also managed to take time for several other media appearances, including a stop by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” During her time there, Romney opened up about several topics, including her very vocal sound-off last week about her commitment to her husband, his effort in securing the presidency, and to America.

“I am 100 percent committed. I feel as though Mitt really does have the skill and qualification to turn this economy around,” she said. In a past conversation with Mitt, Ann says she turned to her husband and said, “You’re the guy, you can do it, I believe in you, I know you will not fail. You’re going to help Americans, go do it.”

Leno responded saying, “I love your honesty. I love seeing you get mad.”

In addition to political issues, Ann also shared a story about an event last week that included an emergency landing after the plane that she and Mitt were on caught fire.

“You think about how dangerous those things can be,” she said. “We descended rather quickly…we got out of the plane right on the runway and the fire engines circled the plan and off we went.” Though there were no injuries as a result of the incident, it was still enough to shake her up.

Ann and Mitt Romney, who have been married for 43 years, appear to have a healthy relationship that will hopefully sustain them through the length of what’s been a challenging presidential campaign. Of her husband, Ann said he works hard but he plays just as hard. She recalls nights when he’d come home from work, set his brief case down and transition right into playing with his kids. It’s clear that she’s a wife completely behind her husband, whether he becomes president or not.

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