A new study shows that taking birth control can lead to an increased risk of depression.

Users of the pill have long suspected that birth control could be the reason for their depression. The study by JAMA Psychiatry has confirmed that it is likely true. 30% of the women who used the pill have quit because of the side effects. Like most medications, you have to determine if the benefits outweigh the side effects or risks associated with taking the pill.

After the study was over and the researchers were analyzing the data, they found that the link between taking birth control was positively identified to a depression diagnosis.

99% of sexually active women between 2006 and 2010 took at least one form of contraceptive at some point, claims a study according to the Centers & Disease Control and Prevention.

Among birth control users, there was a 40% increase risk for depression to start after six months. This was compared to women who did not take the birth control pill. The study was performed on women with a median age of 24.

While birth control has its side effects and risks, there are many health benefits such as unwanted pregnancies or acne breakouts. It can also regulate menstrual cycles if taken regularly.

Women should have a talk with their ob-gyn and discuss which methods are best for their lifestyle and health.