By Mike Beauchamp

As Facebook continues taking over your news feed with ads, memes, and other seemingly senseless noise from your “friends” on the Internet, it’s increasingly difficult to feel a sense of purpose in being there. As a result, we’ve seen countless new, genre-specific social networks pop up that cater to all aspects of our lives, the latest of which is ‘Preggie’ – an iPhone app / social network for mommies to be.

The idea behind Preggie is simple: give moms-to-be a place to share their stories, post their questions, offer suggestions and advice based on their own experiences, and to document and share each person’s pregnancy. If it reminds you a lot of the photo sharing app Instagram, that’s almost certainly not by coincidence.

The Preggie app is currently only available for iPhone users, but the company has an Android app planned for the coming months. Once you download it, you’ll setup a username and password, enter your location, your pregnancy week, and that’s it. Your Preggie news feed is a stream of people from around the world, and I found a lot of posts from Russia and Australia when I gave it a look.

As you network with other mommies, you can subscribe to their posts, and they to yours. This helps to personalize your news feed so you start seeing more familiar faces. After all, that’s the point of social networks.

While the idea for Preggie is certainly a great one, you may be deterred by the small number of users onboard so far. Our advice: get on there and start using it yourself. The more, the merrier, and every new social network has to start somewhere. If nothing else, you’ll still have a good journal of your pregnancy at the end that you can look back on, and a group of people who share in the joys (and the pains) that you do.

You can download Preggie for free from the App Store with this link.


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