Celebrity Tweets Show Support of ‘ObamaCare’ Passage

Everyone has an opinion about the Affordable Care Act, but few have a voice as loud as the Hollywood set. Celebrities tend to lean toward a more liberal viewpoint, not everyone supports the recent health care efforts of the president or the Supreme Court.

Those in support of the Act that has been labeled as “Obamacare” included The Talk’s Holly Robinson Peete, who Tweeted, “We are required to have car insurance. Isn’t a mandate to have health insurance a similar concept?? What are your thoughts? #peetepoll”.

The ever outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore Tweeted, “Most impt part of Obama victory today is that insurance companies can no longer deny coverage because someone has a pre-existing condition.” In a separate post, he shouted out a verbiage correction. “It’s not ‘Obamacare’ – it’s Obama Cares.”

And Cher didn’t want to miss any of the breaking news that day. Set alarm 2hear Supreme court decision on pres Obama’s health plan!” And was quick to share the news with this Tweet, “It WAS UP HELD! I literally jumped out of bed started doing snoopy dance.”

MC Hammer says Romney’s camp can’t touch this as a ploy to gain voters. “Strategy: Positioning this as a threat to lower income majority won’t gain any new voters, that card has already been played. #SCOTUS”

However, with all of this powerful support, there have to be dissenters. Alec Baldwin was quick to point out the economic repercussions of the bill’s passing. “Strategy: Positioning this as a threat to lower income majority won’t gain any new voters, that card has already been played. #SCOTUS” Meaning, oil prices would rise taking with them gas, groceries, and other related living expenses.

And to those who object the new health care law, Christina Applegate tried to educate them. “Um, for those who want to move to Canada because of ObamaCare, you may want to look up Canada healthcare on Wikipedia. Just saying’.”

Famous or not, for it or against it, comedian Lewis Black summed up the day best with this Tweet: “The Supreme Court has rendered its decision on healthcare. Let the screaming and whining begin.”

As Jason Alexander pointed out on his Twitter, the law is far from perfect, but President Obama kept his promise to get us moving in the right direction. Health care is a right, not a privilege, and the citizens of one of the most advanced nations in the world will finally have access to that right.

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