It’s argued that celebrities attach their face to charities simply for the good press. It’s seen as trendy to adopt an orphaned child, go on an aid trip to a third-world country, or offer their “expertise” to struggling communities. The media has a hay day with these events.

Consider that maybe stars are mostly doing good for the positive spin it gives their image, or maybe it’s because some know that their fame can bring about a change. Despite the criticism, a few celebrities are being noted for their true good work, work that is making a real change in the health of many struggling in Sierra Leone, Africa.

It was reported by that soccer superstar David Beckham recently visited Sierra Leone as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. It seems he left the massive camera crews behind and visited the sick and malnourished children at a health center. His purpose for the trip was to bring international attention to the bleak state the country’s children are living in as the they still try to recover from civil war.

Another noted superstar, Selita Ebanks, has also traveled to Sierra Leone in order to make a real difference according to The Victoria’s Secret model visited the country to meet with other women and learn more of their struggles during childbirth. The infant mortality rate is very high due to lack of affordable transportation to hospital for a safe delivery.

Ebanks partnered with Tiffany Persons, a Hollywood casting director, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Persons is also the founder of Shine, a non-governmental organization set up to support these women. Furthermore, Ebanks was able to get Russell Simmons to host a party where the guests donated thousands to the maternal health program.

These actions in the Sierra Leone region have left an impression on the citizens. While many do not appreciate the famous celebrities’ actions, as they feel they are being exploited for fame’s sake, Beckham and Ebanks are being praised.

The people appreciate David Beckham for alerting the world to the serious health issue of the sick and malnourished children of Sierra Leone. First lady of Sierra Leone Madame Sia Nyama Koroma invited Selita Ebanks to a ceremony that launched the new maternal health program, Women’s Initiative for Safer Health (WISH). The Shine program and WISH are both active and operating in Sierra Leone and Ebanks is now a goodwill ambassador for WISH.

There are serious health issues worldwide. Hopefully most celebrities see what power they have to make real changes happen, not just earn a flashy picture on the next tabloid magazine.

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