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Dr. Oz Features The MELT Method for Drug-Free Pain Relief

On the Dr. Oz show, author Sue Hitzmann will be revealing free and simple techniques to help ease pain without medication. Hitzmann will be discussing her book on pain relief, The MELT Method.

The MELT Method refers to a self-treatment technique that is intended to prevent pain, heal injuries, and remove the negative side effects of aging and active lifestyles. Manual therapist Sue Hitzmann has released a book discussing this process so all can benefit in what’s being called the secret to healthy pain-free living.

Hitzmann will discuss with Dr. Oz how MELT is a neurofascial technique that claims it can restore the body to an ideal state by enhancing body awareness, rehydrate tissues, and even relax the nervous system.

On the MELT website, Hitzmann says “a little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping your pain-free and active for a lifetime.”

Be sure to to tune in today and learn more about this new self-care technique that says it’ll alleviate pain and enhance quality of life.

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