Sunday is Mother’s Day, the time set aside each year to pay tribute to the women who sacrificed their time, and their waistlines in order to bring children into the world. And while the day will be marked with flowers, gifts, and get-togethers, sadly, some women gave the ultimate sacrifice during childbirth, their lives.

Every 2 minutes a mother dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth, and 90% of these deaths are preventable. That’s why the Every Mother Counts foundation is raising awareness and encouraging women to join their “Take 2 Minutes to Make a Difference” campaign.

Starting today, every action counts, every collar counts. . . starting today, every mother counts. – Christy Turlington Burns

After suffering potentially life threatening complication during the birth of her daughter, model and activist, Christy Turlington Burns, learned how many women had succumb to the same problem, simply because they didn’t have access to basic prenatal care, transportation or skilled assistance during the birth process. She vowed to tackle this issue, and Every Mother Counts was born.

Every Mother Counts prides themselves on being a 100% model charity meaning that 100% of the donations received go toward their portfolio of programs. This portfolio includes:

  • Transportation vouchers in Uganda so pregnant women can get to a clinic when it’s time to give birth
  • Education for midwives in Haiti
  • Portable solar power in rural Malawi for facilities that typically lack electricity
  • Prenatal care and childbirth education to low income and at-risk mothers in central Florida.

Take 2 Minutes to Take 2 Actions

UPLOAD 2 photos of the day you were “born” a mother on the EMC Facebook portal.
RUN 2 miles using the Charity Miles app (which will donate $0.25 per mile to EMC)
SHARE 2 facts about maternal health on 2 of your social media networks.
DONATE 2 dollars to Every Mother Counts.
GIVE 2 gifts with one purchase by giving a gift that also supports maternal health programs around the world.
INVITE 2 friends to Take 2 actions of their own.