Singulair, a leading prescription treatment for asthma, was just approved for its first generic version today, according to a release from the FDA. The approval makes “montelukcast” available with a prescription for children and adults with indoor and outdoor asthma symptoms.

As a leukotriene receptor antagonists, Singulair, and now its generic version montelukcast, works to block leukotrienes, which are responsible for the asthma and hay fever symptoms. The generic version, like its name brand counterpart, is not to be used for sudden asthma attack treatment, but it is effective at managing symptoms on a regular basis.

Gregory P. Geba, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Office of Generic Drugs in FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research said “For people who suffer from chronic health conditions such as asthma and allergies, it is important to have effective and affordable treatment options.” This approval of montelukcast is just one of many generic drugs the FDA has pushed through this year.

The FDA isn’t the only group happy to see more access to necessary drugs become available to patients. Dr. Sarah G. Khan, a retail pharmacist and resident pharmacist at, said “I am astonished by the number of generic medications that have been approved this year and excited for my patients to receive the relief they need without them taking so much out of their paychecks to get it!”

She explained that the generic form of Singulair will be available at local pharmacies as early as next week. “It will be able in the 4 and 5 mg chewables for children and the 10 mg strength for adults. It will not be available in generic form for the 4 mg granules that can be mixed in yogurt or ice cream,” Dr. Khan said.

Visit your doctor or pharmacist to learn more.