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Green Coffee Bean Extract is the Star of Dr. Oz Season Premiere

Today, Dr. Oz’s afternoon talk show begins its fourth season with more advice about health topics ranging from life-saving tools to tips on handling embarrassing issues. Dr. Oz starts by promoting to viewers the newest weight loss trend: green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee supplements, which go by several brand names, are unroasted coffee beans that have been ground, brewed, and encapsulated to be taken 30 minutes before each meal. Dr. Oz conducted the largest experiment ever done on his show to see if they really worked, and he found that in two weeks the women lost an average of two pounds. Dr. Oz endorses green coffee bean extract for healthy adults who want to lose weight, but does not endorse a particular brand.

It should be noted that with proper diet and regular exercise, someone could lose the recommended rate of weight of two pounds per week. No supplements, no gimmicks, just natural weight loss. No one needs to endorse a magic bean for that!

Also on the show, Dr. Oz announces that some companies are fraudulently using his name to sell his products, and that he is fighting back. He asks for help from viewers in combating these businesses so that they will not be duped into buying products they think are safe.

A Dr. Oz endorsement of supplements on his show is one thing, but his picture on their sites is quite another. Either way, a lot of people are being duped by TV’s favorite day time doctor.





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