Measuring the electrical activity for your heart can now be done at your own convenience and not at the doctor’s office. AliveCor’s ECG recorder is a device that attaches to an iPhone 4 or 4s and measures electrocardiogram and heart rate. Electrical activity, also known as electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), are performed to check a heart’s rhythm, blood flow, heart disease, and diagnose a heart attack.

People can order AliveCor online for $199.00, but devices will not be shipped until January 2013. AliveCor users must have an iPhone 4 or 4s. Using the device is simple: place your fingers on the iPhone Home button and the skin contact on the device is then sensed. When a connection is made, the app initiates an ECG recording automatically, which is saved for users to review and can be taken to a physician for review as well.

Do not worry about your battery power from the iPhone, recordings are powered by a battery built in the ECG device. And, the AliveCor device is portable, so wherever you go the ECG recorder can easily go with you. The ECG recorder will not diagnose heart disease nor a heart attack, it simply records electrical activity within the heart. Your doctor should take the data from the ECG recorder and diagnose any problems occurring with your heart.

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