Nutrisystem has played a key role in the treatment and prevention of diabetes in the last several years, and this month it’s stepping up its efforts even more with the addition of a new, free service for Nutrisystem D customers.

Nutrisystem D provides delivered, pre-portioned meals specifically designed for those living with diabetes. All of the meals have been formatted to help control and reduce diabetes symptoms, and are congruent with the nutritional standards set forth by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

The company announced this week that it will now be offering certified diabetes counseling for customers following the Nutrisystem D program. The certified team – which is a part of the company’s dietary and healthcare services department – is available by phone seven days a week from 7 a.m. – 12 a.m. (EST) to provide support, answer questions, and help those living with diabetes better deal with the day-to-day struggles they may have.

Diabetes patients often need more than just a diet plan to treat and control their condition, which is why Nutrisystem believes this additional counseling will be key in helping its customers achieve long-term diabetes control.

According to the ADA, 105 million Americans currently have type-2 or pre-diabetes, and the Centers for Disease Control reports that adults with diabetes are two-four times more likely to die from heart disease than those without the disease.

But recent studies have shown that the progression of type-2 diabetes can be slowed and glucose and blood pressure can be improved if a person simply loses 5-10 percent of their body weight.

In clinical trials, when Nutrisystem D was paired with diabetes counseling, participants lost an average of 18 pounds and dropped their A1c (glycated hemoglobin) by .7 percent in six months. Another clinical trial, which examined the blood glucose levels of people on Nutrisystem D, showed that blood sugar levels and glycemic variability were both significantly decreased.

According to Nutrisystem’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Bruce Daggy, while type-2 diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S., it’s often preventable with a lifestyle-based approach. “To help battle this epidemic, we’ve spent years developing, improving and testing Nutrisystem D,” he said. “We know that being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes can be traumatic, and changing a lifetime of habits can be difficult. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make Nutrisystem D simple and easy to follow.”

The cost for joining the Women’s Nutrisystem D program ranges from about $300 – $310, and the Men’s D programs ranges from $260 to $340. Visit Nutrisystem to learn more.

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