It seems strange, doesn’t it. But the possibility of spreading the Zika virus through sweat and tears seems unheard of. If the virus is found in sweat and tears, then there is definitely a possibility it could happen.

Doctors put out a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine that states a rare case where a patient in the United States might have contracted the Zika virus through tears of another patient.

A 73 year old man was the first Zika related death in the United States and was the patient who possibly transmitted the virus to another person by wiping his water eyes and coming in contact with the second patient.

The first patient had a lot of pain as well as very watery and inflamed eyes, a rapid heart beat and low blood pressure.

The second patient who eventually contracted Zika was helping nurses reposition the patient on the bed and even went as far as wiping away the tears from his eyes.

The second patient did in fact test positive for Zika but were only mild and they were able to resolve the virus in only a few days.

Only nine cases of Zika have been reported as deaths. So why did this first patient die? The other question is how the second patient actually contracted the virus.

The second patient was likely transmitted the virus through the tears of the first patient. This is the only known documented case of this type. It is a rare case and it helps understand the severity of the virus and learn more about how the transmission works.