By Lacy Hansen

From time to time we’ve all had a dry mouth. For many of us, a drink of water cures the problem and we move on. However, for nearly 30 percent of the population, dry mouth is a condition that can’t be fixed with a drink and it can lead to serious health issues. Recently, a new product hit the market to bring lasting relief and prevention to those who struggle with this frustrating condition.


The product is called Salese, a soft lozenge that is designed to aid the symptoms of dry mouth for up to an hour at a time, versus the previous options of gum or hard candy that only last a few minutes. The product has a patented “sustained release” technology that claims to keep the mouth moist and neutralize the acid pH levels. This process kills bacteria, meaning bad breath is eliminated, and even halts the development of oral infections.

Those who suffer from dry mouth are susceptible to tooth decay, inflammations, and other oral infections, not to mention the embarrassing side effect of bad breath.

The product is unique, to say the least. Salese is a soft lozenge that is intended to be kept in the mouth for up to an hour. The directions state, “for best results allow lozenge to dissolve in the mouth without biting or chewing. Occasionally move lozenge around. Lozenge may last an hour or longer. If lozenge breaks apart, chew or discard the remainder.”

I tried Salese, and while the nature of holding this gummy tablet in my mouth was odd, that doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It did, in fact, keep my mouth moist and very fresh. The product is currently available in Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Mild Lemon flavors.

The lozenges contain Xanthan gum, essential oils, Xylitol, sodium bicarbonate, and zinc. All of these factors work together to lock in moisture, kill bacteria, prevent tooth decay, and, fight bad breath. Another benefit, the lozenges won’t get overused like sweet mints or gum, that are basically just candy. They are sugar free and can be found at most drug stores for about $5.99.

Whether it’s a temporary condition that many medications can cause or a more chronic condition, Salese seems to be a great option for someone who suffers from dry mouth.