The mobile age and all of its instant gratification technology is playing a huge role in the increased prevalence of teenage STDs. The youth population is finding sexual satisfaction easier than ever, and are contracting sexually transmitted diseased faster than you can say “retweet.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of all high school students are sexually active, and 1 in 3 still don’t know how to use a condom.

QPID2Young people between the ages of 15-24 represent a small fraction of the sexually active population, but are responsible for half of the 10 million new STDs each year. Since technology is partly responsible for allowing youths to effortlessly hook up, a new website called is taking that to task.

Founded by Ramin Bastani after an STD inquiry during a one night stand got him a slap in the face, strives to navigate the murky waters of soliciting honest sexual health information from a potential partner. is a technology that empowers the user to access their health records. Working in conjunction with HIPAA—the government agency that protects our medical records— helps you get your STD results released in an incredibly simple way. Results appear to you in an email or text message, which you can choose to share with a potential partner or keep private.

“People are terrified of getting tested,” said Ramin, “so we incentivize people to get tested often because the more recent the test, the more they hook up.”

In regards to the rising STD statistics, Ramin likened the CDC’s efforts to a game of Whack-A-Mole, with the CDC trying to snuff out whatever STD happens to be spreading more at certain times.

As far as technology’s concerned, Ramin has said, “A lot of people want to blame technology and location-based dating apps for making sex a lot easier and spreading potential STDs.” The most buzzworthy new sex-app is “Bang With Friends,” a Facebook app that lets users discretely pick friends they want to bang, then lets you know if any of your picks share a banging interest with you. Ramin thinks it’s a good thing. “Bang With Friends is helping people get over their fear and connect in a really honest way.” Bang With Friends users would do well to get familiar with “We use technology for good by promoting sexual health before banging,” said Ramin.

Getting an STD test is never going to be a barrel of monkeys, but Ramin and his team aim to “make the process of getting tested suck less.” Ramin has been tested over 40 times recently, and has his results publicly displayed at The company promises some big announcements within the next six months, and will even have celebrities tweeting their test results soon. Being 2013, it’s about time we make like the slogan and “spread the love, nothing else.”

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